Our Policy

Yleinen 11:08

Social Democrats want to build a world and a society in accordance with the principle of justice. Our core values are Freedom, Equality and Solidarity.

Democracy and shared responsibility are substantial to a good society. It ensures that everyone can act according to their abilities and capabilities for the benefit of the people and the environment.

The Social Democratic Party brings together those who want to realize these ideological goals of social democracy. We strive for a world of co-operation and peace as well as a clean and unspoiled environment. Freedom has to win over oppression, humanity over intolerance and justice over egoism.

The social democratic core values are Freedom, Equality and Solidarity. Freedom signifies everyone’s right to live their own life and make their own choices. It also signifies freedom from fear, insecurity and poverty. Without social rights like these, freedom is nothing but an empty phrase. Social democrats want freedom to actually come true. A society and societal structures are needed in order to implement individual freedom.

Real freedom requires equality. In a society of inequality, freedom only applies to the strong. As human dignity is equally inherent in each and everyone, everyone must have the same opportunities to build their own life and have an effect on society. Diversity is a virtue, inequality however is wrong. Indications such as poverty, unreasonable differences in income and discrimination threaten equality and must be eliminated.

The third core value, solidarity, first of all implies joint responsibility and a sense of community. We depend on each other and together in society we form more than just the sum of individual parts. Solidarity also comprises responsibility for others and the environment. It is expressed by giving others – which also includes future generations – the opportunity for a good and dignified life. Solidarity rejects egoism and self-interest but values everyone’s individuality.

Social democrats endeavour to realize their values first of all through democracy, a welfare society and co-operation. Society has to guarantee each of its members equal opportunities to build their own life. Education, care, social security and healthcare are a few examples of basic rights, whose availability has to depend on somebody’s needs and not on their solvency or the state of society. Human action has to be in harmony with natural resources. We stand for the workers right to have a say in matters concerning their work as well as for a culture of mutual agreement between employer, the trade unions and the state. Democracy, that is the people’s will and power, is always to be valued before the market, in Finland, in Europe as well as globally.