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The Social Democratic Party is a community which gives its members manifold opportunities to be active and make a difference. The social democratic network includes national and international corporations, unions and foundations. It offers you many interesting activities based on your age and personal interests.

The region of Uusimaa is the most international district of Finland. About half of all immigrants in Finland live in Uusimaa and about 7% of the inhabitants have a native language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami. Among the 20-40 year olds, the percentage is even 11%. As an international movement, the Social Democrats particularly invite those who came into Finnish society from abroad to join our community and help shape and improve life in Finland. We want your voice to be heard as well! You are very welcome to contact us in English as well, if you feel that your Finish does not suffice.

The Social Democrats of the district Uusimaa run among others their own district organisations for women, for the youth, for pensioners and for children.
Further information on the Eläkkeensaajien Uudenmaan piirijärjestö (Uusimaa Pensioner District Organisation) can be found here.

Uudenmaan Demarinuoret (Uusimaa Young Social Democrats) are the regional youth organisation. By actitivies as well as presenting new ideas, they strive to introduce politics to young people in Uusimaa, to encourage them to become active members of society and to learn how to influence politics. Uudenmaan Demarinuoret are active in the whole region from Hanko to Lapinjärvi. Additional information on Uudenmaan Demarinuoret can be found here.

Demarinaiset (Social Democratic Women) are a social democratic and feminist women’s network that unites progressive women of all ages. You can find more information on Uudenmaan Demarinaiset aka Uudenmaan Upeat (Uusimaa’s Wonderful Ones) here.

Nuoret Kotkat (Young Eagles) in turn are a working and interest group whose activities are based on social democratic values. Nuoret Katkat offer children the opportunity to be and grow up together with other children under the guidance of qualified adults. Clubs, camps, daytrips and other events offer interesting and encouraging activities and friendships.

Social Democrats actively participate in social, educational and cultural matters and in the promotion of a good lifestyle, exercise and sports. The SDP also works in close co-operation with the trade unions.

From the Finnish section, you can get to know SDP Uusimaa’s representatives, activities and decision-making. In the bar on the left side of this page, you can also find links to the Social Democrats network groups own homepages.