📣 Here we are! The #AfricaWeek has started today with a great debate among young people from Africa and Europe on their vision for our common future. Check out what these participants had to say, and continue following us during this week rich of interesting events! #WithAfrica . 1️⃣ Yande Chilufya - "Previous relationships between Africa and Europe have been characterised by Europe leading and Africa following. But today has really opened up avenues for us as Africans to inform the decision-making process." . 2️⃣ @jdkerke - "The only borders that exist are created by man. It's extremely important to strengthen our ties with our African counterparts. To promote development in both regions and better understand each other." . 3️⃣ Yentyl Williams - "Africa Week is an opportunity for us to bring together European youth together with African youth on key topical issues. This doesn't always happen in our European circles. There are many common issues that affect both our continents. And by sitting together and bringing young people together, we can find solutions to our shared problems." . 4️⃣ Michel Alimasi - "Young Africans and young Europeans all fear the current narrative about immigrants, about conflicts in Africa, and about populism in Europe. This narrative is very damaging for all of us. We need more than words. We need to find concrete, impact-based solutions." . . . #AfricaEU #EUAfrica #AfricaEurope #socialistsanddemocrats #europeanparliamentsocialistsanddemocrats

SDP:n puheenjohtaja Antti Rinne tapaa tänään Ruotsin pääministeri Stefan Löfvenin. "Keskustelemme ainakin turvallisuudesta, taloudesta ja siitä, miten varmistetaan, että kasvusta hyötyvät kaikki - eivät vain harvat ja valitut, joilla menee jo muutenkin hyvin."Sosialidemokraatit SDP

Saksassa hallitus sai isosti köniin. Tulossa heikompi hallitus. Eurooppa-politiikassa lyhyemmät askeleet. Maahanmuutossa varovaiset linjat.

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